Which of the following is tangible asset?

Automobiles are regarded as tangible assets.

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Which of the following is not tangible asset?

Brand recognition, goodwill, and intellectual property rights like trademarks, patents, and copyrights are all examples of intangible assets. Q. What is an intangible asset?

What are tangible items?

Products with a physical nature, such as clothing or household items, are referred to as tangible goods.
Is gold a tangible asset?
Given that they are physical objects that can be felt or touched, the gold and silver coins cannot be classified as intangible property in and of themselves because they have intrinsic and marketable value.

Computers, desks, and buildings are a few examples of tangible assets, which are the tangible assets of an organization that can be seen and touched.
Is land a tangible asset?
Because they have a physical form, land and buildings are tangible long-term assets that businesses use and gain from over time, as opposed to intangible assets (like patents, trademarks, and copyrights), which do not.
Is stock a tangible asset?
Cash, accounts receivable, vehicles, and investments (such as stocks, mutual funds, and marketable securities) are examples of tangible assets. A tangible asset is an item with a physical form or an objective market value that provides value to its owner.
Which of the following is an example of an asset?
Cash and bank accounts, real estate, possessions like furniture and cars, and investments like stocks, mutual funds, and retirement plans are a few examples of personal financial assets.

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