Which of the following is an example of a primary data source quizlet?

Data derived from the primary patient record, such as an index or a database, are considered because the health record contains information about a patient that has been recorded by the professionals who provided care or services to that patient.

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What is an example of secondary data quizlet?

Censuses, organizational records, and data gathered through qualitative methodologies or qualitative research are common sources of secondary data for social science. Secondary data is information that has not been created by the user.

What two sources are secondary data?

Books, personal sources, journals, newspapers, websites, government records, and other sources are examples of secondary data sources. Secondary data is known to be more easily accessible than primary data.
Which of these is an example of gathering secondary data?
Which of these describes secondary data collection best? databases of periodicals. Which best explains why online retailers retain customer information?

The ability to answer specific research questions that secondary data cannot is one benefit of primary data, along with the fact that gathering primary data is less expensive than gathering secondary data.
Which of the following is an example of an organizational buyer?
Resellers are either wholesalers or retailers who purchase from one organization and resell it to a different one. For instance, large grocery chains occasionally purchase goods directly from manufacturers and resell them to end users.
Which type of research source provides the best firsthand information?
A primary source is a written or recorded account of an event, object, person, or work of art that provides firsthand information or original data. Primary sources are frequently produced by those who were present at the event and wrote or recorded about it.
What is the main disadvantage to collecting secondary data quizlet?
Relevance: Secondary data may not match the data requirements of a particular project due to differences in measurement units, category definitions, or time period.

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